Who Pays to Pave?

The following are proposed changes to Hanover’s Thoroughfare Plan, is this your VISION for Hanover County?

1. Reclassify Hickory Hill Rd. (Rt. 646) between Washington Highway (U.S. Rt. 1) and Old Ridge Rd. (State Route 738) from Minor Collector (60’ ROW) to Major Arterial (120’ ROW).

2. Reclassify Ashland Rd. (Rt. 623) between Mountain Rd. (Rt. 33) and the Goochland County line from Minor Arterial (100’ ROW) to Major Arterial (120’ ROW) and add a Scenic Road designation.

3. Reclassify Cauthorne Rd. (Rt. 624) from Major Collector (100’ ROW) to Minor Arterial (100’ ROW).

4. Reclassify Cedar Lane (State Route 623) between Old Washington Hwy (Rt. 626) to Blanton Rd. (Rt. 666) from Minor Collector (60’ ROW) to Major Collector (100’ ROW).

5. Reclassify Elmont Rd. (Rt. 626) between W. Patrick Henry Rd. (Rt. 54) and Willow Farm Drive (private) from Minor Collector (60’ ROW) to Major Collector (100’ ROW).

7. Reclassify Cross Corner Rd. (State Route 641) between North Washington Hwy (U.S. Rt. 1) and River Land Hills Rd. (private) from Minor Collector (60’ ROW) to Major Collector (100’ ROW).

8. Reclassify Blanton Rd. (Rt. 666) between W. Patrick Henry Rd. (Rt. 54) and Ashcake Rd. (Rt. 657) from Minor Collector (60’ ROW) to Major Collector (100’ ROW).

9. Reclassify Blunts Bridge Rd. (Rt. 667) between Blunts Rd. (Rt. 716) and the Town of Ashland from a Local Road (50’ ROW) to a Minor Collector (60’ ROW).


1. Proposed U.S. Rt. 301 BYPASS east of the Hanover Courthouse complex as a Major Arterial (120’ ROW).

2. Proposed interchange in an area between Hickory Hill Rd. (State Route 646) and Old Ridge Road (Rt. 738) at I-95.

3. Proposed intersection improvements at E. Patrick Henry Rd. (Rt. 54), Woodside Lane and Providence Church Road (Rt. 662).

4. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) between Washington Hwy (U.S. Rt. 1, north of Jamestown Rd.) and Hickory Hill Rd. (Rt. 646).

5. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) between Hickory Hill Rd. (Rt. 646) and E. Patrick Henry Rd. (Rt. 54).

6. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) between Washington Hwy. (U.S. Route 1), at Lakeridge Pkwy, and Cauthorne Rd. (Rt. 624).

7. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) on an extension of Verdon Rd. (State Route 684) east of I-95.

8. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) from the proposed extension of Verdon Rd. (State Route 684) to Kings Dominion Blvd. (Rt. 30).

9. Proposed Major Collector (100’ ROW) between Cross Corner Rd. (Rt. 641) at River Land Hills Rd. (private) and W. Patrick Henry Rd. (Rt. 54) at Blanton Rd. (Rt. 666).

10. Proposed extension of the Minor Collector (60’ ROW) of Winns Church Rd. (State Route 660) west of Mountain Rd. (U.S. Rt. 33).

11. Proposed Minor Collector (60’ ROW) from Washington Hwy. (U.S. Route 1), north of Doswell, to the eastern side of I-95.


5 Responses

  1. Here’s what I think, even though you won’t post it. Hanover County Supervisors have been stringing you folkes along until the April cut off for Candidates to apply for the Election. Now that they know they are in NO danger, they will take your recomendations and say somtething like, we’ll let the planning department evaluate them. Stringing you along further like good shee. In a month or so they will say NO and do what they want. That’s just my opinion.

    Fortunately, I’m selling and moving to Idaho, there isn’t a million people in the whole state and the mountains are bueatiful and untouched! When I was there last, there were days I was the only boat on the lake, just me and the Bald Eagles there fishing. There is more wilderness in Idaho than any other state. You get to live in the moderate climate of the treasure valey, but if you want snow in the winter you’re only 35 minutes away.

    Plus, I can buy two homes there for what I paid for this low quality box.

    Good luck

  2. Of all the arguments for slowing down development and growth here in Hanover County is Science. With 85% of the population of the United States living on or near costal areas and increasing at an alarming rate, it seems the cries from the Scientific Community here and around the world go unheeded!

    Just this weekend CNN reported from the Scientific Meeting at Belgium:

    “The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won’t have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.
    At the same time, tens of millions of others will be flooded out of their homes each year as the Earth reels from rising temperatures and sea levels, according to portions of a draft of an international scientific report obtained by The Associated Press.
    Tropical diseases like malaria will spread. By 2050, polar bears will mostly be found in zoos, their habitats gone. Pests like fire ants will thrive.
    For a time, food will be plentiful because of the longer growing season in northern regions. But by 2080, hundreds of millions of people could face starvation, according to the report, which is still being revised.”

    I have to ask everyone to really sit down and think about this! Now is the time to rethink the future, we cannot wait any longer. We saw what happened after Katrina, is there any one of you who think the government will respond to this announcement from Belgium? Has government done anything yet; NO! In fact the United States is lagging behind, not leading, in measures to reduce Green House emissions. I don’t think our government has responded well to anything and I would ask every one of you to do the following, here and in federal elections. Republican or Democrat, we have to keep voting these career politicians out of office until someone gets the Message! It’s just no going to all of a sudden get Better!

    Sadly the Hanover County Supervisors are taking the same tact as the Bush Administration! With no progress on Bio Fuels and Electric cars, Solar energy, Wind energy, Wave energy, all of which the Bush Administration could have created Incentive programs and tax relief that would speed up development of these life saving measures, nothing but catch phrases and Photo op handshakes and only tax breaks for the wealth.

    If one really looks at the Future, 50 years from now, then growth is not the answer! This area already has a drought every other year or so and it will get worse, not better! And it’s really hard to explain the concept of larger more powerful storms and more droughts, but they do fall hand in hand! Then we have to consider what 2- 3 foot rise in Sea level means for Eastern Virginia? Where are all the people going to go?

    The bottom line, the end result of this argument with the Hanover County Supervisors is; are we condemning our children and grand children by continued growth and development and not really preparing for the inevitable? The answer is Yes! Our children’s’ futures demand action!

  3. I agree with the blogger who wrote that the Board of Supervisors are stringing citizens along. But it is not too late for citizens who want to run as independent candidates to file for the NOv. ’07 election. That deadline is not until June. If you have a better vision for Hanover, you still have the opportunity to run for the Board of Supervisors.

  4. A new anthem for Hanover 2008…
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Of course, we can substitute “farms”, “fields”, and “woodlands” for the flowers in this theme. If you want to see what your neighborhood is facing, take a drive to Rt. 301 and Atlee Rd. intersection. What was once Rutland, a nice rural property with an historic house is now bulldozed, logged, ready for pavement, homes and shops. How can this happen? It does when county officials disregard the vision of its citizens.

  5. Yes, I agree: the Supervisors have been stringing citizens along. Worse, though, is that many on the Board do not seem to be doing their own inquiry into the facts and implications, but rely too heavily on the County staff, who appear to have an ear tuned to the developers’ song.

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