Are You a Citizen EXTRA?

On March 21st, the curtains will rise in the auditorium of Hanover High School for the final act of Hanover County’s tragedy, “You Wanna Put What, Where?!” or “It’s a Sham and it’s a Shame” or “How Not to Revise a Comprehensive Plan.””

Based upon whimsical illusions of “participatory democracy,” this final flawed performance will feature uninspired acting and monologues based upon erroneous planning data. Although the script has been hailed as a “guide for managing growth,” don’t be fooled. This is an Economic Development Plan disguised as a Comprehensive Plan. Revisions trotted out, once again, on Wednesday night will accelerate growth, intensify development, increase traffic congestion, and LOWER the quality of life in Hanover County. Common sense growth is all that we have asked for!

Crafted by out-of-state consultants, real estate developers, county planners, and the Economic Development Authority – this final production will include MAJOR audience participation! In fact, the more you, CITIZEN EXTRA participate, the better! When you attend this “not to be missed” performance, bring your own costume, signs, and please remember, your stage time to voice opposition or support will last 180 seconds! Whether you express outrage, delight, or moo like an angry cow over the county’s desire to degrade the rural and semi-rural quality of life in Hanover County, please feel free to express yourself.

As a CITIZEN EXTRA, you may experience moments of ‘deja vu’ in terms of the evening’s plot, but perhaps there will be a surprise ending? Arrive early and plan to leave late! The future of the County is at stake!


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  1. I suspect the performance will not have the audience exclaiming, “Author! Author!”

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