The Fate of Hickory Hill

Two actions will determine the future of Hickory Hill:

1. The 1700+ acres of the 3300+ total acres of this farm are up for rezoning as a Rural Cluster (RC), and 277 homes are proposed. Assuming three people per dwelling, Hanover will see an additional 554 more cars traveling along Route 54 East. The added vehcile trips will cause congestion on Rt. 54 and significant back-ups at the Ashland/Hanover I-95 interchange which, by the way, is already near capacity.

This type of density is inappropriate for this rural, agricultural and forested area.

2. Hanover County’s Planning staff are proposing to change the Land Use Plan for all of Hickory Hill from Agricultural to becoming part of the Suburban Service Area (SSA).

Rural Cluster zoning does not work for this important, historic plantation. The proposal completely lacks a preservation plan for the historic home, the numerous dependencies and gardens.

Say “No” to desingating Hickory Hill as part of the Suburban Service Area (SSA). Keep Hickory Hill Agricultural.

If the Comprehensive Land Use Plan puts Hickory Hill in the Suburban Service Area (SSA), this will permit at least double the number of residential units to be built and allow a dense mixture of commercial, business, and industrial development.

The Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation is very interested in part of Hickory Hill for a State Park. The decisions made by our elected officials will determine if this is a possibility.

SSA designation will make this land unaffordable for a State Park.


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