Danger Signs: Potential Problems with a Comprehensive Plan

  • No common vision
  • Limited citizen involvement in drafting the plan
  • Vague or confusing language
  • No measurable way to see if the plan is being implemented
  • Policy decisions that are deferred into the future
  • A growth area that is larger than needed to accommodate the next 20-25 years of population increase
  • Sprawling housing: Residential densities of fewer than four units per acre in urban (sewered) areas, and densities of more than one unit per ten acres in rural (unsewered) areas.
  • Policies that will lead to a loss of natural resource lands
  • Lot sizes smaller than 40 acres in designated agricultural areas
  • No coordination with adjacent municipalities
  • No coordination with transportation plan

SOURCE: 1000 Friends of Minnesota


One Response

  1. Wow! Thank you Minnesota! If we are to improve this county we need to pay attention to the warning signs.

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